All* company data from the web, in one place.

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We gather public data from the web, organise it and connect it in our data graph. Companies, people, jobs, news, events, anything we can find. We do this at scale and provide you with high quality data.

* all publicly available data

Data as a Service

We’re in the business of providing you data. Plain and simple. No bells and whistles. 

Think JSONs. Your own data index managed by us. ElasticSearch. 

Continuously refreshed. Continuously improved. Continuously inferred upon. 

What data?

We monitor the web and extract key information, important activity and recent events about companies. We also provide custom data points and machine learning based on your data. 

Where do we get it from?

The landing page of a company is just the beginning. From there the entire website, hiring activity, news, press releases, blog, twitter profile, funding, industry, business model, attended events, awards and office locations tell a much richer story. Our matching technology is able to accurately connect all these bits of information to a company profile.


Too many companies waste valuable resources crawling, cleaning, normalising and connecting data from the web. But most companies lack the knowledge, expertise, time or financial resources to do this right as it is technically challenging and very time consuming. We save businesses all this effort, allowing them to focus on their core value proposition.

We believe that quality data from the web should be easily accessible, affordable and always up to date

Why us? 

Data is in our DNA! With PhDs in artificial intelligence, machine learning and NLP we’ve been crunching billions of profiles over the last 5 years. We’ve done it at scale building a people search engine and for targeted use cases helping entrepreneurs find investors, developers and introductions in their network. 

Who are we?

PhD in AI, 2x silver international math olympiads, passionate about big data, machine learning, AI, startups and scalable systems.

Razvan Dinu


PhD in NLP, passionate about Machine Learning and algorithms, solid experience as ML scientist both in companies and academia.

Traian Rebedea

Chief Data Scientist

We are a UK based business with an office in Bucharest and with solid experience in building big-data and AI driven solutions. 

* your own custom built index

* data points chosen by you

* continous refresh

No hidden restrictions or limitations.

Flexible Pricing

How much does it cost?

Whether you need information on 1000 companies or you need FULL access to our index of millions of companies, we’ve got you covered. 

What do our customers say?

Testimonials from a leads intelligence solution powered by DataGraph:

"It's easy to see that their technology has the potential to unlock a wealth of new business for any pipeline"



"They generated invaluable & reliable data, providing us with an in-depth overview of each company and their key contacts"



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Stop wasting valuable resources on data gathering and start focusing on your core business!

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